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Travelling Minds

Apr 5, 2019

A far-reaching conversation that spans international development, responsible tourism, adaptation to climate change, and bad dance moves at a wedding. Susie shares how her 1 year teaching English in France turned into a total of 5 years spent between France, England, India and Malawi (southeastern Africa).

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  • 2007: Susie initially went to France to teach english with the Assistants de langue program
  • Studied International Development at Oxford University, England
  • In Kerala India, Susie researched social change among the adivasi (Indigenous tribal people- no formal title for the group) who occupied part of the Harrisons Malayalam Ltd rubber plantation
  • Found work in Zomba, Malawi via CIDA (now Global Affairs), which connected her with the International Institute for Sustainable Development, and in the end worked for LEAD: Leadership for Environment and Development with the Southern and Eastern Africa chapter in Zomba, Malawi.
  • Highly recommends climbing the Mulanje Massif in Malawi